15 Children of Famous People Who’ve Become Successful Models

2 years ago

Most of us would agree that modeling is a difficult job, but these children of famous celebrities were able to prove otherwise and they do it flawlessly. They’ve astounded the industry with their simple beauty and a fashion sense that resembles their parents’ confidence and wit.

We at Bright Side, compiled photos of popular celebrities’ children who went on to become successful models. Take note that they rocked it.

1. Romeo Beckham — David and Victoria Beckham’s son

Romeo Beckham made his first modeling debut at the age of 10 with one of the well-known brands we know today. His confidence has taken his photoshoots and modeling career to new heights, and every time he shows off, people are not disappointed because he delivers excellently.

2. Lily-Rose Depp — Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’s daughter

At the age of 17, Lily-Rose Depp began to impress the public. She was given an opportunity and seized it. She made her modeling debut with a high-end brand, and she did not flinch as she walked down the runway alongside some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

3. Sistine Stallone — Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin’s daughter

Sistine Stallone is a natural model. At a young age, she was approached and signed by a large and well-known modeling agency, and she’s had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most famous photographers.

4. Dylan Jagger Lee — Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s son

Dylan Jagger Lee has worked with various famous brands from a young age, portraying fashion in various styles and poses. Modeling is one of his many talents, and whenever he walks down the runway, everyone turns their heads.

5. Paris Brosnan — Pierce Brosnan’s son

Paris Brosnan, despite his young age, was able to make a name for himself in the fashion industry, by establishing his own brand and becoming well-known. Not only that, but he also wants to make a difference in the world while continuing his modeling career.

6. Dree Hemingway — Mariel Hemingway’s daughter

Dree Hemingway has been involved in a variety of brands and worked with various magazines. Not only that, but being able to participate in fashion campaigns is fantastic for a young teen. The public and some modeling agencies have taken notice of her accomplishments, and we’re sure she will grow even more in no time.

7. Sailor Brinkley Cook — Christie Brinkley’s daughter

Sailor Brinkley Cook, one of the more notable models out there, is making her modeling career appear easy for others, but with her hard work and dedication, she was able to sign a contract with a modeling agency that produces stars.

8. Hailey Baldwin — Stephen Baldwin’s daughter

Hailey Baldwin began her modeling career in 2014, and with her passion, she was able to capture the attention of the fashion industry, leading to her working with various famous brands and magazines, and making her name well-known.

9. Delilah Belle Hamlin — Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter

Delilah Belle Hamlin had always wanted to be a model, which led her to sign with a modeling agency in order to expand her opportunities and grow as a person. And because she works in one of the most prestigious fashion industries, she will blossom like no other.

10. Jack Marsden — James Marsden’s son

In his first runaway show back in 2018, Jack Marsden walked with a sharp poise that impressed everyone, including his father, who is amazed and proud knowing that his son will have a fruitful modeling career.

11. Dylan Penn — Sean Penn and Robin Wright’s daughter

Dylan Penn did not dive right into her modeling career — instead, she worked a variety of jobs until the timing was right. She gradually worked her way up to becoming a successful model, and one by one, brands and magazines have gotten in line to sign her.

12. Daisy Lowe — Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe’s daughter

Daisy Lowe is exceptional and her career began at the age of 2. Taking an interest in modeling at such a young age shows that she was destined to be a model. Things only got better as she grew older, as she gradually but steadily worked her way to her dream.

13. Georgia May Jagger — Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s daughter

Georgia May Jagger has had several contracts over the years, modeling for various famous brands. She has done it all, from glasses to apparel, proving that she is versatile in the world of modeling.

14. Kaia Gerber — Cindy Crawford’s daughter

Kaia Gerber is regarded as one of the top models in the industry and she receives public acclaim as a result of her style. She had already proven that she was a natural model at the age of 10, and currently has a partnership with one of the leading fashion brands.

15. Tali Lennox — Annie Lennox’s daughter

Tali Lennox is a smart and versatile individual, whether she is modeling or simply being herself. She is endowed with many natural talents, one of which is modeling. Through her hard work and passion, she was able to model for various brands, proving that she was born to be a diva.

Which of these children is your favorite? Which of them did you not expect to choose modeling as a career? Tell us in the comments.


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