15 Dads Who Probably Won’t Be Left Alone With Their Kids Again

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5 years ago

Research shows that if fathers are involved in their child’s learning, education, and activities, they perform better in school. They get better grades, do well in sports, exhibit better skills, and take care of their health. But being a father is not easy as it takes a lot of effort, creativity, and clumsiness.

Here at Bright Side, we support the spirit of dads and today, we present to you some hilarious instances that involve dads and their kids.

1. You’ve got to get your priorities straight...

2. Playing peekaboo in a garbage can isn’t really a great idea,
is it?

3. “Dad, can you put my hair in a bun?”

4. How to carry your kid 101

5. When gaming is life but now you have to take care of a kid as well:

6. “Once upon a time, I sent my daughter and my husband off to buy her some nice new clothes.”

7. The most clever and practical use of imagination

8. Just a responsible dad playing with his daughter

9. “So my girlfriend left me alone with the baby...”

10. Most creative dad of the year goes to...this dad!

11. His father made him Joe Rogan for his first Halloween.

12. “You can tell me I’m a bad dad but this one’s staying in the baby album.”

13. Mom left her alone with her dad for a few hours.

14. She wanted a swing.

15. Child: “Dad, I’m sleepy.”

Can you relate to any of these? Do you have any dad fails? Feel free to drop them in the comments and don’t forget to share the article with other parents or wannabe parents.


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