15+ Designers That Can Truly See Inside Our Souls

2 years ago

A doormat that reminds you not to forget the important things, a wok that has circles for oil measuring, or a mug that is also a hand warmer — these are examples that prove our comfort is in the little details. Designers are the true unsung heroes who read our minds and invented these objects to make our lives easier and sweeter.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at these cool ideas that have really raised the bar of design.

1. “My toaster has a window to see how toasted your bread is.”

2. A McDonald’s bike rack in Wilmington, CA

3. A headrest designed to provide neck and head support for passengers during flights

The Italian design company madepillow for flight passengers that helps them rest their heads and necks during flights and prevents discomfort during long rides. The pillow is handed out to passengers on board so they don’t need to overload their luggage with their own travel cushions.

4. The mug, that is also a hand warmer

5. “My neighbors built their new fence around the trees on their property.”

6. This hammock bathtub

7. The USB connector that can be plugged in both ways

8. This mirror wiper that clears the bathroom fog

9. The wok that has circles for oil measuring

10. This pen looks like a small baguette when the lid is on.

11. The split keyboard

12. “This music store repurposed a high-hat drum pedal into a hands-free sanitizer dispenser. And yes, it works.”

13. “My new toaster has an integrated toast grabber so that you don’t burn your hands.”

14. “My microwave has a ‘no beep’ setting.”

15. “This mini throwaway pizza cutter that came with my pizza.”

16. “In the driverless metro in Copenhagen there are fake buttons in the front for children to play with.”

17. This light bulb box has “Lighting Facts” designed like nutrition facts.

18. A ramp that helps you walk your bike up the stairs

19. “The candles on my buddy’s cake had different colored flames.”

20. This doormat reminds you of all the important things to remember before leaving home.

21. Finally, a mannequin that shows how the shirt will really fit.

Which of these inventions made you say “I need that right now”? If you have photos of other life-improving objects, please share them with us!

Preview photo credit Wet_Walrus / reddit


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