15 Designers Who Won’t Be Receiving a Promotion Any Time Soon

year ago

Becoming a top-notch designer is extremely hard nowadays since we already have many types of designs. Being able always to create up-to-date ideas takes a particularly innovative vision.
Still, the following designers tried their best to create the most cutting-edge designs in hopes of success, but it didn’t go as planned.

1. “Look at her arms — found this on a cruise ship I was on last week.”

2. “Just saw this gem on my job site Friday!”

3. “Sorry I’m late, I got stuck at work.”

4. Drinking from this is quite a challenge.

5. “Don’t throw waste on land, throw it in the ocean.”

6. “Whoever designed this soup bowl has never eaten soup before.”

7. “At least it’s padded, right?”

8. “Saw this bus advertisement for an optometrist.”

9. “This pointless elevator trap”

10. Transparent separation wall

11. “Found this at a mall, looks kind of sus.”

12. “A garage on the second floor”

13. “This advertisement I found”

14. “Spotted at my local tire shop”

15. Interesting toy design...

Which of the designs from above seemed the most confusing to you? Do you have other examples where designers showed a lot of effort but failed miserably?


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