15 Epic Cooking Fails That Made Us Shed a Tear

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Cooking can become a challenge when you’re not a chef. Burnt, salty, creepy looking dishes are just few of fails that can happen in the kitchen. What we’ve prepared for you is much more hilarious. Even Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be able to find the words to describe it.

We at Bright Side didn’t expect that some food ideas could be so unique. And we can’t hide this delicious art from you.

1. Someone has way too much time on their hands.

2. There’s never enough cheese.

3. “Nothing too difficult, I could do the same thing.”

4. “My eggs look like they are frowning back at me.”

5. “A local grocery store reused their Christmas tree cutouts to make alligators.”

6. When you tell your grandma that you just want one:

7. When you don’t have enough salmon:

8. “I made my pregnant girlfriend pancakes.”

9. “These ‘treats’ my mom made for Easter & April fools”

10. “My daughter used a plastic cutting board for a pizza pan.”

11. When she loves pizza and you love sushi:

12. This must be really good.

13. “I tried making macarons...”

14. It’s hard to even look at it.

15. “Thought I’d make some pancakes tonight.”

Do you have a dish that nobody else can cook? Have you ever failed while cooking? You can show us your fails in the comments.

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