15 Family Photos That Prove People Used to Get Old Faster in the Past

4 years ago

“Did people in the past look older when they were younger?” This is what former baseball player, Brendan McCarthy, asked on his Twitter and, thus, ended up creating a long thread. Many people agreed with the athlete and proved he was right, sharing some old pictures of their family members and even some celebs.

Bright Side read the whole thread and decided to publish the most vivid pieces of evidence.

“My grandma was 20 here. I used to think that she was 40 in this picture, but recently I found out the truth.”

“Elizabeth Taylor is 17 here. She is stunning, as always, but looks to be in her mid- to late 20s.”

“These are my parents when my mom was pregnant with me. They were like 23.”

“My parents at 20 and 22.”

“Here’s my dad in 1970. He’s 21.”

“My grandmother was in her mid-50s in this pic. My dad was 26.”

Ritchie Valens was 17 when he died in a plane crash.

“These are my grandfathers. The one on the right is 58 in this photo.”

“My mom is 19 in this picture from 1967.”

“My mom’s first day at college. She’s 16.”

“My parents in their 40s”

“My wad was 21 in this photo and he had already been a Royal Marine.”

“32? This is what I looked like at 32.”

“My mother. She’s 18 or 19 in this photo.”

The Rock looked older in high school than he does right now.

Do you have any family photos that prove people used to get older faster in the past? Or do you disagree with this theory?

Preview photo credit DodgerFoodie / Twitter


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The last generation looked 20 years older, like people would be 50 but looking like modernday 70's


20 yo grandma???? did she had a child at 10 and her child had a child at 10 :/??? whaaaat


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