15+ Forgotten Inventions From the Past That We Would Like to Have Nowadays

3 years ago

A lot of times when a brand new device comes along, it becomes popular, only to be forgotten about in a few years. But a lot of inventions, some even centuries old, deserve a second chance in the sun, like dolls that can write letters for you or bikes that let you ride on water.

We at Bright Side love looking at history, so we’re sharing these inventions that have been lost to time but that still deserve a comeback.

1. Apparently, mugs and teacups used to come with mustache protectors, to keep your upper lip nice and clean.

2. With this portable writing desk, any sketch artist could let inspiration hit whenever they wanted.

3. Outdoor wood stoves like this can help you produce syrup... and then cook the pancakes.

4. Sewing boxes need a comeback... with all those handy compartments, they can organize anything.

5. Old radiators used to come with food warmers... this one was perfect for pie.

6. The spork has met its match... the splayds combines a fork and spoon with a knife!

7. You could roast marshmallows over a fire... or prepare an entire feast outside with this cooking rack.

8. This pole not only helps you go on a hike, but it also allows you to take mushrooms with both hands while the pole would remain upright.

9. The automat was like a giant vending machine, except you could get a hot meal and a freshly made dessert.

10. With this reading chair, you never have to put down a good book.

11. This hydrocycle combines the fun of a bike, with the power of a boat... it lets you ride on the water!

12. And this bike lets you switch from water to land without leaving your seat!

13. Automata are often puppet-like machines that can actually write letters, draw pictures, or play music for you.

14. Japanese dolls like this have been made to walk and serve tea since at least the 17th century.

15. People used to be a lot better at making secret compartments, like this secret sink that folds into the wall.

16. The traditional Indian “oonjal” lets you have the fun of a swing, without having to leave the house.

What are some other forgotten inventions that you feel still have some use today? Please share with us in the comments!

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I think they saw number 12 and were like, maybe let's just build more roads for the bikes?


In the Netherlands you can still have food from an automat. https://www.amsterdamredlightdistricttour.com/news/febo-netherlands-dennis-borst/


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