15+ Funny Comics That Describe the Raw Truth Behind Parenting

7 months ago

Although motherhood is the most beautiful role of a mother, it can be very exhausting at times. From bottles of clean water to fortified food in just a second, life with young children really does require a lot of nerve and commitment. This young mom, Olga Alekseeva, is inspired by her 2 sons to illustrate the funniest moments that a chaos and craziness in a home with kids can look like.

Richer water in just a second.

Daily walks with a baby.

“I have 2 sons, and recently I found my eldest one sleeping with his feet standing on the floor. And it’s not the strangest sleeping position I’ve seen him sleeping in.”

Dad’s toilet breaks are the funniest.

“The older our kids get, the fewer special devices we have at home. I love getting rid of unnecessary things — the house immediately becomes more spacious.”

“Why does it always happen at one of the most inconvenient moments?”

“Recently, I took a bath in a bikini and I managed to stay there for an hour! The main thing is to have a strong wish! Otherwise, my younger kid would be crying behind the locked door.”

“Does it happen to anyone else?”

“How are things going with food in your family?”

“I don’t remember having similar difficulties with my eldest son. My youngest one hates brushing his teeth.”

The best way to feed your kid fruit

“I remember how kids’ socks, clothes, diapers, and toys would delight me during my first pregnancy. I wanted to squeal with happiness. And then...”

“The story of one motherhood”

“That’s how I feel...”

“Kids do share food, but not always.”

“The age difference between our kids is 8 years, and there are definitely some advantages to it.”

Preview photo credit ola_comics / Instagram


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