17 Goats Whose Personalities Are Too Complex for Us to Handle

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Goats may be the most entertaining farm animals around. They steal our attention with their comical moves and their genuine love for us and the world. Whether they’re pulling pranks or being a unique “lap dog,” we can’t get enough of their star quality.

Bright Side invites you to warm your hearts with some of the most amusing goats online.

1. “I can’t stop laughing at his sleeping face.”

2. “Turbo thinks he’s a lap dog. I don’t mind.”

3. “Took my niece to the zoo today. At this very moment, she was looking for the goats.”

4. “Pulling up to my parents’ farm and seeing that someone didn’t close the gate...”

5. “My favorite fall pic of Lenny”

6. “Woody is great at being a baby goat but makes for a terrible secretary.”

7. “This is my boy Bilbo not knowing what’s going on, ever.”

8. “Mojo lives for watermelon. I live for Mojo.”

9. “One day old, soaking in the sun”

10. “My neighbor’s goat losing it over some carrot tops”

11. “My goat is a derp.”

12. “This is Brownie. I still don’t know where that pizza came from.”

13. “It’s nap time.”

14. “My aunt’s goat thinks it’s a dog. It won’t associate with the other goats and only hangs out with the dogs.”

15. “Stan likes to smile.”

16. “Putting pool noodles on a goat who won’t stop headbutting.”

17. “Tatiana, the goat, trying to eat an icicle.”

Have you ever had a hysterical encounter with a goat? What other animals do you think are absolute stars? Let’s flood the comments with the greatest stories and pics around, including yours. Come on!

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Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit s**andjack / Reddit


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