15 “Harry Potter” Actors We Know as Adults, but Who We’d Never Seen When They Were Young

year ago

The Harry Potter movies were so successful that many young actors literally woke up famous. As the story progressed, viewers watched the characters become older and change. But few people know what the actors who played adult wizards looked like when they were younger. Our curiosity won, so we found these photos and want to share them with you.

Julie Walters — Molly Weasley

Michael Gambon — Albus Dumbledore

Maggie Smith — Minerva McGonagall

Ralph Fiennes — Voldemort

Kenneth Branagh — Gilderoy Lockhart

Timothy Spall — Peter Pettigrew

Gary Oldman — Sirius Black

Emma Thompson — Sybill Trelawney

Julie Christie — Madam Rosmerta

Frances de la Tour — Olýmpe Maxíme

Imelda Staunton — Dolores Umbridge

Miranda Richardson — Rita Skeeter

Gemma Jones — Poppy Pomfrey

David Thewlis — Remus Lupin

Jeff Rawle — Amos Diggory

Who of these actors is really hard to recognize?


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