15 illustrations which reveal all about love and romance

2 years ago

Zac Retz is a young, highly talented illustrator who has worked for both Disney and Nickelodeon. In his spare time, he draws cute little sketches, which reveal all about the experience of love and romance which we all, at some point in our lives, are blessed to encounter. Zac makes great use of subdued lighting in his work, because — as we all know — our feelings shine brighter in the twilight. His characters often appear in moments of silence; it’s their eyes and gestures which reveal how they feel. We’re sure that the romance of Zac’s pictures will warm your heart as much as it warms ours.

It always begins with a bit of small talk in a quiet place...

...and that simple desire to shelter from the rain.

Then it starts to become clear that you enjoy spending time together...

...and even something as ordinary as a walk in the park brings joy to both your hearts...

...as do those long conversations about everything and nothing.

Love is about sharing dreams...

...and about the desire to protect each other from whatever life throws at you.

Of course, it doesn’t always go to plan...

But for every time you part, there’s always more romance to come.

You enjoy each other’s presence even when you’re doing simple, everyday things...

...simply because you’re on the same wavelength.

And that’s a really special feeling.

That feeling that you can always rely on them.

That feeling of tenderness which only you two share together.

...That feeling that your very own fairytale is just beginning.

Author Zac Retz


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