The beauty of true love, in pictures

From the very first moment you meet that special person to your last breath together, love is a wonderful thing. And it’s often the little things in particular which make it so beautiful and real. The artist Pascal Campion really knows how to express the truth of this in his illustrations. So we picked a few for you to look at, and enjoy.

So, true love means....

Feeling nervous when you first meet each other...

...before falling head over heels in love on your first date...

...and then worrying about the first kiss

Snuggling up by the fireplace under a blanket

Smiling at each other over breakfast, thinking the same thing but not saying a word

Spending hours on end out in the cold because you don’t want to go home without each other

Taking a long time to say goodbye

Organising surprises for each other

Having fun together in the park...

...and at home

Trying to make her parents like you

Feeling overjoyed when you’re reunited...

...and then sitting down to dinner together

Playing with the kids until you drop...

...and feeling delight when you see them grow up to be as happy in love as you are


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