Let’s be together, at least for all of this life

2 years ago

When you’re in love with someone, and when that one special person is by your side, even the coldest and most unhappy days seem brighter and warmer for both of you. A mere glance at some of the utterly heart-warming drawings of Korean artist Puuung illustrate perfectly the thousands of little ways in which that wonderful warm glow of love is expressed.

We at Bright Side recommend you take a few minutes to marvel at these pictures — we’re certain that they’ll convince you anew that love is in the little things — and romance is what makes the world go round.

How wonderful it is just to be together

That feeling you get when you read books together

Give the cat a bath together

Go shopping as a couple

Or just learn something new

There’s nothing in the world quite like the opportunity to look after each other

To console each other in your hour of need

Or just taking funny photos together

You can get so much joy from doing even the simplest things, like cooking

Watching TV shows when it’s cold outside

Or simply having fun

Somehow, even your everyday routine becomes brighter

And warmer

With you at my side

Let this last forever

By the way, at present the artist is running a contest called ’Global Storypic Challenge’. It’s for illustrators all over the world — for those who have huge potential to be the next ’Puuung’.

Based on materials from GRAFOLIO


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