16 People Whose Luck Is Running on Empty

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You know those days when nothing seems to be going right, and it’s like the entire world is against you. Well, no matter how hard it gets, you should always remember that bad luck doesn’t last forever, and you can always start fresh the next day. And even if it’s hard to admit, there’s some comfort in the fact that there are other folks out there who have it even worse than us. Scroll down to see a collection of unfortunate situations that will make you feel bad for the person (and perhaps better about your own misfortune).

1. ’’My ride share experience’’

2. ’’My friend’s water froze in his trailer home while he was away during Christmas.’’

3. Remember this when considering doing your makeup in the car.

4. ’’Accidentally simmered the absorbent pad when making homemade chicken broth. Everything has to go in the trash.’’

5. ’’My boot fell apart in the middle of a long hike in the snow!’’

6. ’’Tried throwing my car keys to get the plastic bag out of the tree (I don’t really know why that was my first choice either).’’

7. A carefree walk in the sun sometimes comes with an unexpected memento.

8. Just when you think your day can’t get any more bizarre...

9. ’’Turned on the wrong burner making dinner. RIP brownies.’’

10. ’’In the middle of the night, I apparently thought this was my earbuds case.’’

11. ’’Dude, where’s my car? Lake Tahoe, 2023’’

12. ’’I spilled 50,000 2-mm glass beads on the ground and I now have to sort them by hand.’’

13. ’’Someone left their phone in a public bathroom stall.’’

14. ’’Middle of the work day and this decides to happen.’’

15. ’’Opened a can of beans to find no beans at all.’’

16. ’’I’m really trying not to read too much into this.’’

Do you consider yourself to be a fortunate person? When was the last time you felt like you ran out of luck, and how did you resolve the situation?


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