15+ Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy on a Cold Winter Day

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5 years ago

When cold days keep kids indoors, it can be hard for parents to entertain them. They tend to stay glued to computers, mobile phones, TVs, or just get bored. And this is not good for their health. According to Australia’s Physical Activity & Sedentary Behavior Guidelines, children from 5–12 years old should have at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day. If you know the right games, staying home can be so much fun.

Bight Side will help you keep your kids healthy and keep them having fun when bad weather arrives. Check the games we have prepared for you below!

1. Moving color targets

2. Football maze

3. Go through

4. Paper plate spiral marble track

5. Simple math

6. Washi tape car track

7. Marble labyrinth game

8. Vertical bowling with plastic cups

9. Indoor basketball

10. Funny sorting

11. Indoor spy course

12. Letter matching activity

13. Hit a target

14. Sticky tic-tac-toe

15. Learn letter sounds with a sound box

16. Spider web

If you know other cool indoor activities, share them in the comments. Let’s keep kids active all the time!


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