15 Items That Will Be Super Trendy This Fall, and Some of Them May Surprise You

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4 years ago

The summer is coming to an end, and now is the best time to think about buying new clothes for your wardrobe. But in order not to make a mistake and to avoid looking tasteless, it’s very important to know what clothes will be trendy this fall.

Bright Side has made a compilation of clothes you should buy in order to look trendy when the cold weather comes.

1. Сheckered clothes

The classic checkered print is still very popular. However, you can only wear one piece of checkered clothing at a time. For example, you can wear a skirt or a jacket, or you can create a whole new look and wear a checkered dress. When it comes to colors, choose monochrome ones for the fall, or deep shades of grey, green, and red.

2. Tweed clothes

Many people avoid tweed clothes because they think that this fabric makes them look old. In order to prevent tweed clothing from looking too formal, you can mix it with basic clothing from your wardrobe like a simple T-shirt, sneakers or jeans.

3. Elevated pants

Skinny pants have been replaced with elevated models. In stores now, you can find a huge variety of different styles like bell-bottoms, pants with stripes, and palazzos that are especially fashionable right now. They are tight on the hips and wider on the ends. Wide pants are quite comfortable since you can move more easily. And if you substitute your sneakers with more elegant shoes, you can get an evening look.

4. Capes

A cape is a sleeveless outer garment made of thick, warm fabric. Such clothing makes you look feminine and romantic. Capes are very good for the early cold weather because they are long and easily keep you warm.

5. Leopard print

If you are scared of looking funny in these “wild” colors, designers recommend using just a scarf, a small handbag, or shoes with leopard print. Such an emphasis will make the image interesting and polished. And if you’re really brave, you can wear a coat or a skirt with leopard print on it, but make sure you wear some solid clothing as well.

6. Fringe

If you want to wear clothing with fringe in the upcoming season, you don’t need a special occasion. Now, this decorative element can be found in the everyday wardrobes of fashionable women. So don’t be scared of wearing leather jackets, skirts, or shorts with brown fringe.

7. Midi skirts

Midi skirts are good for women of any shape, but the most important thing to remember is to find the right length in proportion to your parameters. You can wear this kind of skirt with some rough boots. Asymmetric skirts are really trendy in the new season.

8. Logos

Before, huge logos were an indication that a piece of clothing was fake, but now this is a very popular trend. Companies put huge logos on T-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters to let their customers spread their name.

9. Oversized clothing

Oversized coats and down jackets are really practical and comfortable since they remind us of a huge blanket you can wear outside. Oversized clothing makes the silhouette appear vaguer which makes the shape look more elegant. Such clothes perfectly match skinny jeans and straight skirts because they contrast each other and show off the beauty of your legs.

10. Leather dresses

When choosing to wear a leather dress, experiment with colors and a design that works best with your body shape. Don’t be scared of choosing a dress with embroidery — such clothes look original and don’t require any extra accessories. The main thing you need to remember is that you should “neutralize” a leather dress correctly. That means you’ll need some rough boots or sneakers, and if you wear a long dress, add high-heeled shoes.

11. Wide shoulders

Stylists recommend buying a wide-shoulder jacket with a grey checkered pattern. It looks stylish and can be combined with pants, shorts, and even dresses. The safest look is a jacket, blue jeans, and a basic white T-shirt.

12. Bright sweaters

During a summer sale, buy a bright sweater for your wardrobe. Firstly, you will save a lot of money because when the winter comes, sweaters will be way more expensive. And secondly, a bright color will be your distinctive feature. When it comes to different styles, the sweater can have lace or a non-standard shape.

13. High boots

Girls look stylish and elegant when wearing high boots. This fall, trendy women will choose classic black models and bright ones that attract people’s attention. Remember: don’t wear jeans with high boots! In the new season, this style will be an indication of bad taste. Combine your shoes with short skirts, dresses, or long sweaters.

14. “Space” elements

Sliver handbags, skirts, and even down jackets are what stylists call “space” elements and they’ll be really trendy next season. Such clothing will definitely attract attention! But you should remember that silver clothes look better with dark colors because if you’re too bright, you’ll look like a Christmas tree!

15. Mini skirts

Finally, trendy women can wear a mini skirt and show off their beautiful legs to the world! Fashion experts recommend that women pay more attention to short, free-knitted dresses that let you move freely and highlight your body’s shape.

What are you looking forward to wearing most? Tell us in the comment section below!


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