15+ Kitties That Can Turn Your Heart Into Fluff

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Of course, 2 cats are better than one. But even one cat can bring a lot of joy to your family. Like the kitty that shines like a diamond, or the kitten that was learning to eat from a bowl but sat in it instead — they’re all real cuties, and we bet you won’t argue with that.

We at Bright Side are convinced that cats can make this world a better and fluffier place, so we invite you to join in our “awwws” and other various emotions. And don’t miss our bonus at the end — you’ll see that cats can grow in pots too!

1. Shine bright like a diamond!

2. A classic case of “my boyfriend was not a cat person.” This was his first day with a cat.

3. “This is Sushi. His sister passed last week, so I play this video of her every day while he purrs intensely.”

4. “I was picking cherries and caught this gem.”

5. Secret hangout

6. This belly can melt even the coldest heart.

7. “Dancing is my lifestyle.”

8. A look that is impossible to resist

9. Someone needs lessons on how to use a food bowl.

10. “My sister found this old picture of my cat proudly hugging his little brother.”

11. New movie, new Simba

12. “I’m on watermelon, I’m balance Queen.”

13. “Nice to meet you.”

14. “This cheese shall be mine!”

15. “I can smell you.”

16. “No discussion, I’ll sit here.”

17. “And my boss wonders why my productivity decreases when I work from home.”

Bonus: Cats are the cutest flowers!

Have you ever had a cat? Do you believe that they’re pure angels? We’d be happy to see photos of your cats in the comments!


I love when cats stand on their back paws and try to reach something. Looks so cute

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