15 Men Reveal in What Ways They Feel Most Misunderstood by Women

5 months ago

Men are sharing their feelings of being misunderstood by women online. They talk about everything from small things to bigger emotional issues. These insights show the complexities of communication between genders, they help create conversations and empathy for navigating relationships.

  • Me being alone or me rolling over does not mean I hate you. Sometimes I like to do my own thing, and sometimes it’s more comfortable to lay on my other side. © 12093651 / Reddit
  • When I open up to you emotionally, I’m not looking for you to fix anything or even say anything. I just want you to understand me and use that to help us grow together. It doesn’t need to be something that gets brought up often, nor does it need to be silenced outright.
    I just want you to have that information so you can gain a better understanding of me. A silent hug and maybe hearing that you care about me is all I need. © avg-erryday-normlguy / Reddit
  • I do not get hints. Subtle hints? No. Regular hints? No. Obvious hints? No. If you want me to do something, please just ask me to do the thing. © L-E-S / Reddit
  • I need regular alone time to relax and recharge. They always hear, “I don’t love you.” I never get my alone time, then they wonder why I’m grumpy and unpleasant to be around. Maybe because my battery is perma-drained. © RamblinMushroom / Reddit
  • Initiating everything gets exhausting.
    Start a conversation. Ask us on a date. Demonstrate that you actually want to spend time with us sometimes.
    A woman who can tell us what restaurant she wants to eat at is halfway to a wedding ring already. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • I can guarantee to any woman that I absolutely will not be able to guess why she is mad. Just tell me, for real.
    I’m talking on the basis of not telling a guy why you’re mad, and then it turns out it’s because he forgot to ask for your favorite sauce at the fast food joint, or because in your opinion he sounded “a little distant” on the phone, or because he forgot to do the dishes one time, and you’re already giving him the silent treatment. © mexploder89 / Reddit
  • I’m really, honestly, not emotionally deep. I don’t have hidden agendas when I am clueless or do something stupid. It’s because I really am clueless and stupid regarding emotions. © ProudBoomer / Reddit
  • If you expect me to put heart and meaning when gifting you for holidays, specifically Valentine’s Day, I would like the same. © CliffyClif / Reddit
  • I really do not want to share my fries. Not now. Not ever. If you would like some fries, please order some. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • We can go years without hearing a genuine compliment. I literally cannot remember the last time any member of my immediate or extended family gave me a genuine compliment. And I never tell them this, because the result would be a pro-forma style deluge of remarks of questionable sincerity like, “Oh, but of course we love you, and you’re so good at so many things,” and it would all be forgotten the next day.
    The TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had a plot point where a guy had a letter from a woman that said things like, “You’re my hero, I believe in you, you make a difference in the world.” He carried it with him in a chest pocket everywhere he went, and I saw online a remark from a woman about how corny that was. I was thinking, “If I’d ever got a letter like that from anyone, I’d carry it with me everywhere I went too, and read it 20 times a day.” © CaveatAuditor / Reddit
  • Many behaviors tolerated or even encouraged for women are seen as creepy for men. For example, I’m a 6’3″, 240lb burley dude, but I’m great with kids. They seem to gravitate to me, and I love playing with them. But whenever this happens, I end up getting dirty looks because apparently a man can not have good intentions when playing with kids. © Skybreaker_C410 / Reddit
  • Sometimes I just really don’t want to talk. I’ve got nothing to say. © Keldr / Reddit
  • I have muscles, but I still like “nerdy” things. In the past, I’ve dated women who are interested in me initially, but have verbatim said, “Oh, you’re just a nerd,” when I open up about things I’m interested in. Then the relationship or fling falls apart a couple of weeks after that. That hurts, and it makes opening up for the next person that much more difficult. © B***inbeats / Reddit
  • Men don’t get affection.
    Please don’t treat men like life is easy for them, lots of them don’t even have a single friend, and the ones who do have friends might not have had a hug for months or even years. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • Anything you would appreciate, I would probably appreciate just the same. You like to be treated like a princess or a queen? So do I. I would like flowers too. And hugs, and stuffed animals. Don’t look at me weird when I ask when was the last time YOU bought me chocolates and flowers.
    And I can understand that different people have different preferences. But my point is: all humans don’t fit in the classic gender stereotypes, and that’s fine. Just don’t assume and label. Communicate instead. © Slynxiiii1 / Reddit

Men are often thought of as a bit clueless when it comes to romance. However, just like women do, they enjoy when their partners are romantic with them. In this article, men share what romantic gestures women do that melts their heart. Their statements might surprise you.


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