15 Mishaps That People Are Unlikely to Forget

2 years ago

Sometimes misfortunes are given to us so that we can get a certain experience or learn something. Anyway, action is always better than inaction.

The heroes of this Bright Side article were not ashamed to talk about their epic fails that happened due to their own actions or the oversight of others. And in the bonus section, you’ll see that a cat can also have a bad day.

“I tried to make bread using only flour and water.”

You have to be careful about what you wish for.

Some people tried to hide their cars from snowfall in an underground parking lot.

“I made a sandwich using canned squid.”

“I accidentally burned a small hole in my university chair. I tried repairing it but it looks worse now.”

“The guys digging for Google fiber just cut my internet fiber line. And I work from home.”

“A sandwich uses camouflage to avoid being consumed.”

“We just built a big pergola over our back patio for extra shade.”

The last piece doesn’t fit.

“My brother ’salted’ the driveway.”

“These eggs my dad made with ’a bit of turmeric’”

“I dropped a small screw somewhere in this area. I need it to hold the new rubber seal on the inside of the faucet.”

“I just dropped M&M’s into my coffee, and this floated off.”

“Don’t try to make pasta in a cup.”

“My brain malfunctioned while preparing scrambled eggs.”

Bonus: When you’ve outgrown your favorite box but still try to fit into it.

How do you cope with your mishaps? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit tessercats / Reddit


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