15+ Outfits From"Friends" You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Everyday Wardrobe, Ranked

year ago

Throughout 10 seasons, while Friends was airing on TV screens throughout thousands and thousands of homes, it served as an exceptional fashion chronicle. In every episode, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe were drinking coffee in their favorite coffee shop, going on dates, and heading to work, always in unique outfits. We ranked 18 of the most classy Friends outfits, and they will definitely inspire you to refresh your wardrobe with a couple of new items.

18. Phoebe’s cozy look

17. These black overalls

16. Monica’s catering look

15. This beige outfit

14. Monica’s red dress

13. Phoebe’s outstanding black and white look

12. Rachel’s classy green outfit

11. And this casual olive one

10. A little bit of animal print

9. So simple and elegant

8. Phoebe in denim

7. Monica’s sportswear

6. And her “uniform” — blue jeans and white sneakers that she wore all the time

5. This light green dress Rachel once wore

4. Phoebe’s boho dress

3. Monica in her ripped jeans and red top

2. Rachel’s all-time best

1. Phoebe’s brown dress and this iconic coat

Which outfit would you try first?


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