15 Parents Shared the Hard (and Funny) Reality of Working From Home When You Have Small Children

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3 years ago

“Working from home is a dream come true,” they said. “There’s nothing like having the chance to be a parent and earn money at the same time,” they said. Indeed, working from home is a huge advantage, but when you have a group of little people who demand your attention all day long, your everyday life may turn into a more-than-impossible mission.

Bright Side would like to give a shout out to all those men and women who work from home and combine their working lives with their parenting duties. To all of you, we say, bravo! You guys are awesome!

1. “You can work while I clean the furniture, don’t worry.”

2. “Me and my husband are working from home. Our 3-year-old wanted to have his own laptop.”

3. “My son found out that, even though I’m not at work, I’m still working from our home.”

4. Working from home and having small children can be quite a challenge. But if you have Spider-Man to assist you, there’s nothing to worry about (or is there?).

5. This sign answers more than 95% of our children’s questions.

6. “The new view from my office”

7. If you worked in an office, you probably wouldn’t have such stylish colleagues.

8. “I still don’t know much about numbers, but I can assure you they’re all wrong!”

9. No one said you can’t mix work and playtime, right?

10. “Working from home is a dream come true,” they said.

11. “Step aside, dad, let me take care of this.”

12. When you know the true meaning of being a multitasker:

13. Just because you work from home and take care of a baby, doesn’t mean you have to stop smiling for the camera.

14. “I’m working from home, so I’ve given my son a PS4 controller and put some Super Mario videos on the TV. He’s been ‘playing games’ for hours!”

15. “When you work from home for Fisher-Price:”

Can you relate to any of these situations? Do you work from home and have small children? We’d love to know how you’re dealing with it. Share your stories with us in the comment section below!


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I can only imagine HOW hard is for parents to work from home when their kids don't really understand why they are at home everyday


I had to do something similar to number 2 so my son could leave me alone to work?


I'm sure that these people never had so much fun working from home :D


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