15 Parents Who Made Their Kids Swell With Pride

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2 years ago

It’s customary to mention the achievements of one’s children in society. However, our parents also have many things to surprise us with: like making a 47-year-old dream come true or riding a skateboard around a park. We invite you to look at these people and get some inspiration from their stories.

Bright Side prepared a compilation that will remind you of a feeling you used to have during childhood when it seemed that your parents were superheroes who knew and could do anything.

15. “One of my inspirations in art is my dad, he painted this on his bedroom wall today.”

14. “My mom creates cute mouse figurines and each of them has their own story.”

13. “It took my dad roughly 2.5 years and a whole lot of small brushes to paint this.”

12. “It was my 60-year-old mom’s first time skateboarding since 6th grade and she made a solid lap around the park.”

11. “Proud of my 72-year-old father! After 215 hours, he finally beat his first console game ever.”

10. “My mom lost 53 lb within 7 months.”

9. “My dad has been trying to grow pineapples for the last year. Today he succeeded — just look at how proud he is!”

8. “My dad is a pediatrician. Today the shop assistant helping us recognized him — he was a patient of his when he was a kid. We also encountered a second patient who also went to him while we were waiting in line. Proud of the lives he’s touched.”

7. “I’m proud of my mom’s most recent project.”

6. “My dad started painting abstract art at the age of 70 (he’s been painting for a while) and this is one of my absolute favorites.”

5. “My mom has been a seamstress. Recently retired, she found a way to make some money and keep herself busy in retirement — she makes costumes including this one.”

4. “My dad on his bike — he’s 80.”

3. “A little free library my mom helped set up! I’m a proud son.”

2. “My dad knitted this sweater himself.”

1. “After 47 years, my mom is finally opening the restaurant she has always wanted!”

Perhaps you also want to share some pleasant memories of times when you felt proud of your parents. We’re waiting for your stories!

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I thought for a second that the retired granny was the one actually wearing the suit


The man with the pineapple looks so happy and proud! Just by looking at him I feel proud as well hahah


It's never too late to feel happiness over the thing we accomplish ???


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