15 People Share Not-So-Funny Stories About Their Nightmare Neighbors

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Our neighbors can affect some aspects of our lives either positively or negatively. As surprising as it might seem, they actually play a very important role in a person’s social life. A recent study showed that perceived neighbor support is important for several measures of psychological well-being. Unfortunately, having good neighbors is not always the case, but it’s important that we carry positive values regardless of how others do things.

1. “My sons kicked their football into the neighbor’s yard. This is how it was found today.”

2. “My neighbor just got their car detailed; it’s so shiny that the sun’s reflection melted my blinds.”

3. “The next-door neighbor parks both cars in front of my house, blocks my mailbox, and leaves theirs open.”

4. “My neighbor keeps trying to connect to my TV. I can’t block it.”

5. “My neighbors won’t clear the dirty water in their pool. And now I can see mosquitoes sitting on the water, reproducing.”

“Tried telling them, but they find it too gross to clean.”

6. The kids were having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to the HOA that they must be running a daycare.

7. Don’t be a neighbor like this.

8. “My neighbor is having a dead tree cut down but didn’t move his car before.”

9. “This neighbor at my apartment is threatening to tow anyone who parks in their UNRESERVED spot.”

10. “Our neighbor bought this giant sign instead of turning the light off.”

11. “The neighbors across the hall were told to remove their bikes from the shared hallway. This is their response.”

12. “The neighbors from above threw their trash off the balcony onto my car.”

13. “My neighbor walks her dog from her car.”

14. “Came home from vacation to find my neighbor’s painter has been using MY hose to wash out used paint trays in MY yard.”

15. “A new neighbor put a plastic mannequin in his window.”

Which one of these neighbors seemed the most horrible to you? Do you have a similar story? If you do, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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the one car walking their dog, takes the cake. you gotta be a horrible person to do that 😲

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