15+ People Who Took a Trip to the Past by Recreating Old Memories

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The Guinness World Record for the longest married couple belongs to 2 people who were married for 86 years. And the longest friendship belongs to 2 pen pals who have been communicating for 78 years and 160 days. So, no matter the kind of relationship people have, they can make it last for years or at least re-ignite it after years of being apart.

1. “My ’80s girlfriend (and me), then and now”

2. “Half a lifetime ago: my first BMW (a 1976) and a current one (a 1973).”

3. “Cousins, about 12 years apart”

4. “My dad, uncles, and grandad, then and now (1984-2015)”

5. “Just a couple kids, 2005 and 2021”

6. “My aunt and uncle in 1968 and now, following the Renaissance Fair as Nanny and Merlin”

7. “The ’90s and now — time flies when you’re having fun!”

8. “My parents in 1982 and 2020, 38 years married and still in love.”

9. “My amazing parents have been married for 63 years and they’re still so sweet with each other.”

10. “Then and now, same stoop. 71 years ago my grandmother dated this guy. They reacquainted 2 years ago and recently got married!”

11. “My dad in 2001 and in 2022 attending the same trade show”

12. “My grandparents now (2018) and then (the 1970s), still just as cute.”

13. “My Italian grandparents recreating their wedding photo — 1964 and 1994”

14. “Same place, same brother, years later”

15. “Biker gals, then and now”

16. “This is my parents 35 years ago and last Fall in Athens, Greece.”

17. “Dad and me feeding Murray... Same place, same croc — 2 photos 15 years apart.”

Please note: This article was updated in March 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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