25+ People Who Recreated Their Old Photos and Traveled to the Past for a Second

5 years ago

For several years now, a movement where people recreate photos from their childhood has been really popular. The users try to consider every little detail: the location, the clothes, the pose, the facial expressions, and the accessories. In the end, they get such a great result, that they seem to have traveled back into the past.

We at Bright Side think that recreating old photos is a great thing to do with your family. Because when you look at these comparisons, you realize that time passes extremely fast and love and friendship only get stronger.

“It’s all I wanted for my 60th birthday.”

“In the first pic, it’s my dad and daughter in 1996. The second pic is my dad and my granddaughter, yesterday. I love how we recreated this, 23 years later. He was really opposed to taking it until he saw how sweet it turned out.”

“For Father’s Day this year I recreated my favorite picture of my dad. It’s him after he graduated high school in 1980 and me after graduating today.”

3 generations, same place, same picture

28 years later

“Me and my cousins recreated a photo taken more than 18 years ago.”

“Me as a baby wearing a ridiculous wig vs. Me at 21 with the hair I ended up growing”

1967-2018 Same bike, same couple, same spot

“It took a lot of searching, but my fiancé and I finally found the same spot in Central Park where my grandparents took this photo back in the 40s”

This group of friends posed around the same car 30 years later.

“Holding my cousin on the same rooftop in Spain, 21 years apart”

“My family’s favorite pic: 20 years in between, and we still bully the little one.”

“My 4 brothers and I in 1997 vs. 2017”

“My mom saved my sweater from 1989. Here’s my son wearing it 30 years later.”

“I’ve never been particularly photogenic...”

After 22 years, same place, same people

There’s about 13 years between these photos.

We took this for my grandma’s 65th birthday and then again for her 85th.

24 years later

“Me and my brothers haven’t changed in 35 years.”

“Found a pair of training wheels and yellow helmet to recreate this in the park (1995 and 2019).”

“My niece and I remade this photo from 25 years ago.”

“Me and my triplet sisters, 30-ish years apart”

“My dad and me — 1976 and 2018 — are at the exact same spot on the isle of Helgoland.”

Some things don’t change even after a long time

Bonus: The actresses from Friends came together to celebrate Courteney Cox’s 55th birthday.

Have you ever tried to recreate the photos of your childhood 10-20 years later? Please share the results in the comment section below!


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