15 Times People Recreated Their Old Photos, and We Wish We Had Done It Too

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Time flies, but true friendship and family ties never break. It’s easy to prove it by taking a photo in the same place, with the same clothes, and with the same emotions several years later. These 15 people nailed the art of recreating their childhood photos, and we admire how strong their relationships are.

1. “Mother’s Day, 5 years apart”

2. “Pizza and a burger, 18 years later”

3. “My kids, 2002 vs 2014”

4. “My brother decided he wanted to recreate this pic from nearly 20 years ago today.”

5. “Sisters, 15 years apart”

6. “Phew! That was a long boat ride!”

7. “My family, 20 years apart in the same exact location!”

8. “Sisters, 15 years later”

9. “Merlin and Catwoman — my mom handmade both costumes and saved her handiwork to give us a good laugh years later.”

10. “From a 10-your-old Cub Scout to a 27-year-old Eagle Scout. Even the hat is the same.”

11. “My Grandma and Dad 1966 and 2020”

12. “15 years later and we still have that mall photo shoot swagger!”

13. “Me as a baby wearing a ridiculous wig vs. me at 21 with the hair I ended up growing”

14. “18 years and counting of being best friends. Ages 5 and 23.”

15. “My sister and me, 20 years apart, 1998 and 2018 — my parents are hilarious humans.”

Do you recreate photos? If not, would you like to? Who would you do it with?

Preview photo credit TookThisName / Reddit


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