15 People Who Flawlessly Recreated Their Old Photos

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All of us have a collection of old photos as a keepsake of our favorite childhood days. While looking through old family photos can be both funny and emotional, we may try to recreate these moments with our own families to rediscover the feelings of those times.

There are many recreated childhood photos on the internet, so Bright Side has compiled a list of the best ones that people have taken to remember their childhood memories.

1. “Same drama.”

2. “My big sister and I accidentally recreated a picture from our childhood — she’s been giving me the same comforting big sister hugs since we were kids.”

3. “A recreation almost to the day of our Disneyland Trip in 1999. People in the background are lining up almost in the exact same way.”

4. “Me and my siblings recreated this for my parents as a gift for their 50th anniversary. 1985-2019.”

5. “It took us 14 years to recreate the same picture at Taj Mahal, Agra and we’ve grown up.”

6. “So we recreated a photo (me on top).”

7. “My unhappy 5th birthday in 1993, recreated today for my 34th.”

8. “My parents recreated their honeymoon picture 40 years later.”

9. “Me: 1979, my daughter: 2020. We are both wearing the same sweater and I had my bedroom wallpaper replicated for her room.”

10. “Recreating a very special moment.”

11. “My mom (class of 1984) died just months before she could see my sister (2018) graduate, but we replicated the photo.”

12. “We did a bunch of these for a photo album for my Nana’s 80th Birthday.”

13. “Me (the one in the middle) and my cousins. I took the first photo in 2007, the second one was last year.”

14. “Giving my boys a ride/and my boys giving me a ride.”

15. “My mom with me (1997), me with my daughter (2022).”

Who was able to recreate their old photos the best?

Preview photo credit bindisueirwin / Instagram


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