15 People Who Could Beat Comedians at Their Own Game

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Laughter can increase our well-being, says a study, so it might indeed be the best medicine for some. Luckily, the world is chock-full of comical folks, who never miss an opportunity to put their sense of humor to good use. Whether it’s to overcome a less pleasant situation or simply to poke fun at a loved one, they never miss a beat!

Bright Side invites you to sit back and have a laugh at some people’s finest banter.

1. “This is where my dad chose to have lunch after having eye surgery.”

2. “I have a bit of loose skin after a 70 kg weight loss.”

3. “Told my kids I was building garden beds and they did this.”

4. “For years, I thought I had depression. But recently, I found out that it’s because of a sad duck that lives where my brain is supposed to be.”

5. “How I told my husband I accidentally shrank his favorite wool sweater”

6. “Everyone kept hitting their heads as they walked down my stairs, so I hung a sign as a warning.”

7. “My girlfriend accidentally inserted herself into a beautiful moment at a wedding.”

“So I made it into my anniversary card to her.”

8. “My sister got her senior photos back.”

9. “I said, ’How tall are you?’ He handed me this.”

The card reads:

“Yes I am tall. I am 6’10’’ (No I’m not kidding. Yes, that is tall)
No, I do not play basketball. I play volleyball.
Yes, seeing the tops of everyone’s head is weird.
Yes, the weather is nice up here.
This has been a great conversation.”

10. “My girlfriend broke up with me and 2 weeks later showed up at my house with this.”

11. “After my heart surgery, I jokingly said to my sister that I could use an Apple Watch, because of its heart rate monitor. She delivered.”

12. “Went to the store and got myself a cool new scarf and head band. Made from the receipt.”

13. “I recently became a dad and put my ’uniform’ on while still at the hospital. I’ve been planning this for a while.”

14. “Spent 10 minutes taking pics of my wife. When she was finally happy, I asked her to return the favor.”

15. “Was told I looked like a Bratz doll, so I decided to embrace it.”

Do you think of yourself as a funny person? Let’s hear your favorite joke!

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