15+ People Who Couldn’t Pass By Homeless Animals and Gave Them a New Life

2 years ago

The decision to get a pet should always be well-thought-out — well, almost always. That’s because there are some cases when all rational thinking should be kept aside and one should only listen to their heart. And that’s what the characters of our compilation did when they saw a stray animal and realized there was no other option but to adopt them.

We at Bright Side couldn’t pass by these 19 people who came to rescue some fluff balls and surrounded them with love and care.

“I named her Possum due to the tail situation, but not sure that applies anymore.”

“This is Fin. The left pic is the night he was found, and the right one is from a few months ago. I’d say he got the golden ticket.”

“Coconut the first day I adopted him vs Coconut now”

“The shelter said he was a chihuahua. It turns out that we’d adopted an American Staffordshire Terrier who was too skinny.”

“Saved this little guy from a building site. He was severely ill.”

“Worked overtime to pay whatever the vet billed me to make sure he was okay. Here he is, 18 months later.”

“This is my little Dizzy. Someone found him in a field with a few other cats around 6 weeks old and he’s about to turn 4!!”

Street pup to good boy

“One year after, I found her under a coconut husk near the gutter in an empty lot.”

“Bruce was abandoned and the left photo is how he arrived at my house. The right one is after 6 months.”

“The first day I adopted this abandoned kitty, and 48 days later”

“Brought our little bean home in a Chinese takeout box. She had a severe eye infection. She celebrated her first birthday last November!”

“From a 4-week-old stray kitten my husband found in a puddle to my chunky, bathtub dwelling, happy girl — everyone meet Bella.”

“2 weeks ago, I adopted a boy with the saddest face from a nearby shelter.”

“He’s really come out of his shell in that time, and has already grown attached to me.”

“My dumpster duo...someone else’s trash is definitely my treasure!!!”

“We rescued Penny just about a month ago. The absolute best dog I’ve ever had.”

9 months later

“Finally got to bring this little one home today. Meet Miss Clementine.”

“The day I picked her up and a few years later!”

“This little dog was living at my work (a train yard) for about 4 months. She slept in a cardboard box.”

“Now she lives with my parents and their pups!”

Have you ever adopted a stray cat or dog? What is it that made you do it?

Preview photo credit SomeGuyJim / Reddit


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As soon as I read this article, a wave of sadness hit me... I can't stand the sight of people's abandoned pets :(


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