My Husband Kept Commenting on My Weight, and Today I Finally Snapped

7 months ago

Body criticism is an insidious problem that affects millions of people every day — often those closest to us. In a personal post, a woman shares her experience with being criticized by her own husband, despite their efforts to address the issue. After reaching a breaking point, she confronted her husband, resulting in a powerful and transformative moment.

She took to the internet to discuss her husband’s behavior.

The woman stated in her post that she had always been petite, at 5"3 (1.60 m) and weighing around 95 lbs (around 43 kg). Even after bringing a child into the world, her weight remained unchanged — that is until they moved to a cold country.

Suddenly stuck inside with nothing to do, the author found herself munching on snacks and eating more than usual. But then a genius idea hit her: if she got a bit heavier, she could stay warm and save money on energy bills at the same time. And with that, the author embraced her newfound curvier figure, packing on 4 whole kilograms of extra padding.

After being married for 8 years and sharing the joy of raising an adorable 3-year-old, the woman found herself the target of body criticizing from an unlikely source: her own husband. Despite weathering the challenges of pregnancy and emerging without any stretch marks, she was gaining weight. Instead of offering support, her husband made jokes and comments about her size, including a snarky remark about her clothing size.

“Well, you know I like them petite,” said the husband one day, and when they went shopping. Her husband also said things like, “You’re a size 6 yeh? Or?”

Things soon became heated.

The woman’s usual laid-back attitude took a backseat when her husband suggested doing star jumps to keep warm. Seizing the opportunity to address the elephant in the room, she confronted her husband and asked if he was implying that she needed to exercise. The husband, ever nonchalant, laughed off the question and quipped that a little exercise “wouldn’t hurt.”

The woman had finally reached her breaking point and confronted her husband, albeit in a lighthearted manner. Referencing her husband’s preference for a petite figure, the author jokingly said: “Listen, I get it you like me petite, but I like Aleksander Skarsgård in Northman. Are you gonna sort yourself out to be like him?” The woman had always accepted her husband’s skinny frame, despite it not being her usual type.

After she jokingly suggested her husband transform into Alexander Skarsgård, the husband started doing push-ups, and she feared she might have to start exercising as well. Despite feeling upset and confused about the situation, the author realized that the weight gain, which amounted to only 4-5 kg, was a sign of improved health, particularly after a period of malnutrition and hospitalization.

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