15 People Who Followed Reddit Users’ Advice and Boldly Got a New Hairdo

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Feelings about how we look can affect how we behave and see ourselves socially, claims research. So a bad hair day can lead us to believe we belong to a lower social class, for example. On top of that, it’s easy to feel stuck in our comfort zone, especially when it comes to changing our hairstyle. But fortunately, courage isn’t lacking for a lot of people.

Bright Side is now putting the spotlight on those who weren’t afraid to hear strangers’ opinions online and try something different with their hair. Check out the results.

1. “Asked for advice and 90% of those who replied said pixie. I went for it and I’m super happy with it.”

2. “Made a post a couple of weeks ago asking for advice and now here we are with a new haircut.”

3. “I posted a few months ago asking for color advice and bam, 8 weeks later, I finally have the red color of my dreams.”

4. “Finally got my natural hair relaxed and cut. I was apprehensive about getting a bowl cut, but I love it.”

5. “I did it!”

6. “A month ago, everybody told me to get a bob. Here’s the result. I’m really loving it.”

7. “I actually enjoy my long hair but right now it’s just easier to have short hair because I’m recovering from a major surgery.”

8. “Finally took a big leap.”

9. “I shaved my head and I’ve never felt so empowered.”

“I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia when I was 16 (now 22) and have slowly continued to lose hair. I’ve contemplated shaving it all off more times than I can count. I was brought to tears by all of your kind words and support.”

10. “I’d been going back and forth thinking about going copper for a while. Tonight, I finally did it and I’m really happy with it.”

11. “It’s so fun having pink hair, I love it!”

12. “Had to share my transformation because I’m still not over it.”

13. “I chopped my hair and then someone told me to go brown. I am very happy with the results.”

14. “Got a pixie! So happy!”

15. “Got the bangs and balayage.”

How often do you usually change your look? What’s the boldest haircut or hair color you’ve tried so far? Let us see your own before and afters in the comments!

Preview photo credit pomme_de_pin / Reddit


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