15+ People Who Have a Black Belt in Parenting

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3 years ago

Parenting is like a rollercoaster. And at times, the unexpected nature of your child’s questions or requests might catch you off guard. But the truth is, we would move mountains to get the best for our kids, even if that means a dad getting a sleeve of temporary tattoos (that he has to wear all day) or a tough guy having his toenails painted pink by his daughter.

The Bright Side team has found a wide range of parents who’ve experienced some smart or sweet moments with their children.

1. This dad was a proud first client at his daughters’ salon.

2. You have to use smart tricks to get your child to eat oatmeal, like disguising it in a banana.

3. He got a tattoo to match his son’s life-saving heart surgery scar.

4. Even when you’re 40 years old, mom will continue sending handmade presents.

5. The kids are off to college and the work of these parents is done.

“We present you with this sock! (enjoy your freedom)”

6. “She wanted to practice on Daddy’s nails.”

7. This will teach the kids to clean up their stuff next time.

8. “You live rent-free.” This mom will never let her kid forget it.

9. These parents just found a smart way to avoid further delays — it’s not really out of order.

10. And this dad drew a racetrack on a shirt for easy massages that are fun for the kids too.

11. She’d never forget your lunch note, but moms are allowed to have some fun too!

“’Oh no! My mom didn’t give me a lunch note today!’ Tricked ya!”

12. This dad absolutely nailed the Halloween costume!

13. “I let my daughter give me a sleeve of temporary tattoos so I looked more like the other dads at her school...”

14. “Momma says I’m making her cheerleader a nerd.”

15. Even in the middle of a deployment, this mom lets her son know he’s loved.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my marine, Happy Birthday 2 U! — Mom”

16. A good dad teaches you that anything can be fixed with some duct tape.

17. “They reenacted their wedding so that their son could be a part of it too.”

Which of these would you say is a real super-parent? Do you want to give a shout-out to your parents here too?

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6 is so cute! I love how this dad doesn't care and just makes his daughters day


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