15 People Who May as Well Be Magnets for Bad Luck

3 years ago

It’s probably safe to say that everyone has had a bad day at some point in their lives. We know the feeling: “Is it me, or am I becoming a real misfortune magnet?” Well, not to worry. You’re not the only one who thinks this. Even while some people wander around with a smile on their face, everybody is entitled to be a little frustrated when their $300 headphone set didn’t last a day because their dog chewed it to death, they broke 10,500 eggs at once, or ended up crashing their car in the pool. These, along with other cringe-worthy anecdotes, were shared by Reddit users on this thread.

On the other hand, Bright Side thought compiling some of the best images from the thread would cheer up anyone having a bad day out there. Take a look at our compilation below, and enjoy.

1. “Aaaand there go my $300 headphones...”

2. “Somebody didn’t strap the egg trolleys in properly on the truck. 10,500 eggs broken!”

3. “I made a lasagna for lunch. Here’s the result.”

4. “I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine.”

5. “It was a hot day in Tallahassee, Florida.”

6. “My UPS driver ran over my package.”

7. “Got a new printer. The old one didn’t go out without a fight.”

8. “Just when I was excited to almost finish...”

9. “The dog snooped into Dad’s wallet...”

10. “So this happened today...”

11. “When the wife tries to clean the dishwasher with concentrated washing liquid”

12. “First time making homemade apple sauce!”

13. “Grabbed 4 ’hard-boiled’ eggs from the fridge this morning on my way to work.”

14. “Someone’s car crashed into the pool.”

15. This dog doesn’t seem to mind that his human got buns in the wrong size.

What’s been the most unfortunate event that you’ve witnessed or that you’ve experienced in your life? Share your stories (and pictures, if you have them) in the comment section! We’d love to see them.

Preview photo credit © gene100001 / Reddit


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