15+ People Who Seem Like They’re Fun to Be Around

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When we’re kids, we smile about 400 times a day, and this number decreases to 40 times a day in adulthood. One study found that women who smiled the most in their yearbook photos experienced fewer setbacks and went on to lead happier lives in the following 30 years. Similarly, baseball players whose smiles were the broadest lived, on average, 7 years longer than those that smiled the least.

On this note, Bright Side wants to help you live longer and happier, so we gathered some pictures that showcase some people’s humor that we hope will make you smile the widest.

1. “Having fun with my little guy’s hairline”

2. “My dad complains about doing dishes, so my sister made him a dish sponge cake for Father’s Day.”

3. “While walking on the sidewalk, I thought my wife was about to tell me she was my father.”

4. “My grandpa doesn’t trust restaurants, so he carries these in his shirt pocket (C for Carol, E for Edward).”

5. “I think my wife is trying to suggest something.”

6. “Clever use of a sticker

7. “I told my father I wouldn’t be home for Christmas. Then I flew 3,000 miles and wrapped myself up by the tree.”

8. “When you just can’t hold it in...”

9. “My grandpa’s doorbell”

10. “I asked my 17-year-old son what he wanted to eat for breakfast.”

11. “My dad thinks he’s hilarious.”

12 “Saw this on my walk to work.”

13. “He said he was fishing for laughs.”

14. “I love visiting my aunt’s for Christmas.”

15. “My husband is a plumber and his company sent chocolate toilets.”

16. “The barista asked if she could make me a ’surprise coffee, free of charge’ and comes back with this.”

17. “This is one awesome tattoo.”

In your opinion, what’s a clear sign that someone has a great sense of humor? Are you the type of person that can tell a good joke until the end, or do you usually laugh before you even finish it? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit desmosabie / Reddit


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