15 People Who Share Their Optimism Like No One Else

3 years ago

Not only is it important to keep a good spirit at any time, but also to share it with others. Why not make someone beside you a little bit happier — that’s the motto of the folks from this article, whose actions will warm up anyone’s heart.

We at Bright Side are ready to sustain their spirit and convey a part of this optimism to you.

“My wife doing the worm at our daughter’s dance banquet. It’s moments like these that I’m reminded why I married this incredible woman.”

Support from your family is the most important thing.

One dog is good, 2 dogs are better.

“The photo on the top shows my place 10 weeks ago, after fires had gone through, and the photo on the bottom shows my place now, after a big weekend of rain.”

When women’s solidarity knows no bounds:

“A man with a loudspeaker started to shout on the street, saying people shouldn’t reproduce. A policeman came and started to argue with him politely. In the end, they hugged each other and left.”

A little surprise for each client

“On her 96th birthday, my grandma wanted to go to Disneyland and ride in the front seat of her favorite attraction.”

“My mom sent me a pic of their dog helping my dad fix the car.”

“10 years ago I was dreaming about working for Pixar. Yesterday was my first work day there!”

“Someone stole her passport, but she found the solution.”

Plastic bags got banned in Thailand and the residents have started to get creative and use various things to carry their products.

The imagination of some buyers knows no boundaries.

Filipinos at the Taal Volcano evacuation center staying positive by trying on some of the clothes that have been donated to them.

We all need this hoodie.

How do you share your optimism with those around you?

Preview photo credit _tomato_hater / Twitter


Wow the change of that land with 10 weeks in between is amazing! Good job!
I wish I could see the message on that man's sweater every day...
The 96th birthday lady is a rock star! What a bold granny ?

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