15+ People Who Weren’t Prepared for the Plot Twists Life Threw at Them

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Plot twists make books and movies very enjoyable, and researchers say that it’s all due to the way our brains work. We look for clues and try to predict what happens next, sometimes without even noticing it, because we naturally tend to anticipate what’s coming. We do so in our daily lives, too, although guessing what happens can be even more challenging in this case compared to the movies.

We at Bright Side found some stories of real-life plot twists that internet users shared.

1. “There’s a tooth in my chin.”

2. “A car with 2 front ends”

3. This plane is missing a part of its wing.

4. “Instead of real flowers I got a LEGO bouquet for my birthday.”

5. “My mom uses her car phone holder for written driving directions.”

6. “This kiwi with a heart-shaped core.”

7. “There’s a mini wetland growing on the roof of this building.”

8. “Found the ultimate folded chip in my bag of chips!”

9. “A couple of letters burned out on this Arby’s sign, but the letters that remain still sound like the name of the restaurant.”

10. “One of my chickens lays crumpled eggs.”

11. “My protein bar expired in Medieval times.”

12. “My local library loans out cake pans.”

13. Packaging — 1, Scissors — 0

14. “My boy has a gorilla on his back.”

15. “It’s my first summer in Arizona. Left my laptop in my car. Lesson learned.”

16. “Cleaned my glasses too hard. I am at work, and don’t have a spare pair.”

17. “Landscapers trimmed my plastic plant.”

What was the most memorable thing in your life that you hadn’t predicted?

Preview photo credit super9mega / Reddit


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