15 People Who Wouldn’t Give Up, No Matter the Cost

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There are people who have successfully discovered the secret to living a hassle-free life. For them, the impossible is just an idea since everything is achievable, and so is their success. That being said, here are some people who never knew what it meant to give up and managed to achieve extraordinary things in life.

1. “A friend’s aunt gifted me her deceased father’s car. ’If you think you can get it running, you can have it.’”

2. “3 years, down 99 lb, happier and healthier, keep going.”

3. “They said I couldn’t get pregnant naturally, yet today I tested positive right before starting treatment!”

4. “Today, at 31 years old, I’ve decided that one day I want to make my own manga series.”

5. “Got my new leg today!”

6. “My first-year flower garden — from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend”

7. “I’m no longer taking the FDA-approved alopecia drug. I’ve decided to fully embrace the fact that I’ll be a patchy-headed princess!”

8. “Cancer-free — last surgery showed no more signs of cancer.”

9. “After months of hard work, I finally showed my art in a gallery for the first time.”

10. “3 years ago, I started working on a board game. I put it on the shelf for 2 years. One year ago, I discovered self-love and completed it.”

11. “This month is my 1-year anniversary on HRT! I’m extremely proud of how far I’ve come! Here’s to many more years to come.”

12. “Before-and-after of a backyard cleanup I did today”

13. “Planted an avocado and watered it for one year. It finally sprouted.”

14. “A few months ago, I learned how to stand in physical therapy with no hands. Now I’m standing in a tux!”

15. “After being told that I was going bald due to severe anxiety, I showed anxiety who was boss. I thought I would never have a normal hairline again.”

How did you overcome your biggest challenge?

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