15 People Whose Expectations Never Met Reality

8 months ago

People tend to rely on professionals when they want to change their hairstyle, get their nails done or arrange a party. But sometimes even a very detailed task does not guarantee a good result. The heroes of our article have faced problems exactly like this and posted the results online.

“For years I’ve cut my own hair, but I wanted to spoil myself for the winter and fall. This is the result.”

“This bouquet was quite expensive and looked much lushier on the florist’s website.”

“Ombré nails I wanted vs what I got”

“I wanted an all over natural looking copper all the way up. This is what I got. I don’t like it.”

“A photo vs. Real life”

“Paid $75 for this manicure. I’m done with this salon.”

“I wanted a photo cake. But after I picked up this one, I just got into my car and cried for a few minutes.”

“Does my hair dresser hate me? It looks like an animal was chewing on my hair. ”

“My brother’s girlfriend ordered a cake like this. It looks horrible, but at least it tasted pretty good.”

“I ordered flowers for Mother’s Day. This is what I got.”

“These were supposed to be Valentine’s Day heart-shaped biscuits.”

“So my cousin got a tattoo. I don’t know what to say.”

“Friend ordered a ghost bouquet of flowers.”

“Got my nails done as a special occasion before I birth my first child. My unborn baby may have done a better job.”

“These ‘smiling snowmen’ strawberries”

Fortunately, reality sometimes not only meets our expectations, but actually exceeds them.

Preview photo credit Jasreha / Reddit


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