15+ People Whose Problem-Solving Exceeds Expectations

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2 years ago

When it comes to life hacks, people’s creativity has no bounds — they can turn a simple fix into one that will make us laugh out loud. It can be as easy as eating Cheetos with chopsticks to keep your fingers clean or labeling your coffee creamer as “breast milk” in an attempt to stop your coworkers from stealing it over and over again.

Bright Side loves to see people think outside of the box and have fun while doing it, and we’ve collected some genius ideas. Make sure to check out our bonus section to witness a cool life hack from the animal world.

1. “And this is how I got my coffee creamer to stop disappearing at work.”

2. Cut a pool noodle in half and make yourself a comfy armrest.

3. “The way my wife eats Cheetos without messing up her mouse”

4. “Had dinner at an expensive restaurant. This is how they delivered the bill.”

5. “Apparently, my father-in-law had been saving the tiny unusable slivers of soap to make one big soap.”

6. “This is how I choose to eat bananas.”

7. “My school hasn’t fixed this wall, so my friends did it for them.”

8. “This is how I carry my laptop since its hinge is broken and I can’t close it.”

9. “My fiancé capped the end of a cut banana with banana skin.”

10. “Just saw my partner charging her phone like this. For years, I’ve left my phone charging on the floor like a doofus!”

11. “My kids hate oatmeal, they won’t touch it. Oddly enough, this new ’cookie soup’ that I’ve been making is a favorite.”

12. “This is how I patched up my window.”

13. “My dad’s solution to keeping the dishwasher door from opening mid-cycle”

14. “This is how they keep my dog from freaking out at the groomer.”

15. “How to silence the kitchen smoke alarm when you’re not tall”

16. “A seamless fix”

Bonus: “My dog fixed the blinds for her viewing pleasure.”

Which one of these “life hacks” will you use in the future? Do you have a funny one to share with us?

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ok number 2 is a funny one, I have to remember this one 😂😂


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