15 People Whose Travel Adventures Failed to Go Smoothly

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People are often happier by the anticipation of a vacation than by the vacation itself, according to a study. It mentions how most people, post-trip, are as happy as someone who hasn’t gone on vacation. This might be related to a number of things, but we all know the stress of traveling is likely a big factor. Whether the hotel failed to meet expectations or air travel was full of headaches, folks on social media sure illustrate how chaotic going on a trip can be.

1. “I was worried about this happening on the plane. And it did.”

2. “My uncle’s suitcase after his flight”

3. “Being 6’3” and needing to pee on a small plane"

4. “I traveled about 1,500 miles to see Fenway Park for the first time. Here was my view.”

5. “My puppy chewed up my passport days before international travel.”

6. “Apparently, our hotel took our request for a mini-fridge very literally. The banana is for scale.”

7. “I was taking a picture with my girlfriend in Berlin when out of nowhere...”

8. “I found this in my hotel’s coffee maker.”

9. “2 weeks ago, my youngest daughter broke her leg 1 week before our holiday. Yesterday, I broke my own leg while on holiday.”

10. “The rented room wasn’t what we were expecting.”

11. “First day on vacation and our half of the hotel doesn’t have power. I might be going home early.”

12. “I asked my buddy how his road trip was going. He sent me this.”

13. “Loved my first trip to Japan.”

14. “My wife is 5’1” and I’m 6’7″. When it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all."

15. “The ’pool room’ at the hotel I stayed at”

Bonus: “Just landed at the airport and not feeling very welcomed so far.”

How did your last trip go? What challenges do you usually face when traveling?

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