15+ Pets That Prove Life Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Best Friends

3 years ago

Why settle for 1 pet if you can have 2? Many find the idea of adding a new furry member to their families irresistible. When that happens, the relationship between the 2 animals can grow into a very special bond, which, in turn, offers us some very precious moments.

Bright Side has collected some pictures that show us how endearing and peaceful the relationships between our pets can be.

1. “Hey, man, can I use you as a bed?”

“Sure, bud.”

2. “Both of them fell asleep on me. Send help. I need to pee.”

3. “Chaos comforting his brother, Diesel, during some scary storms.”

4. “My CatDog duo”

5. “They beg together.”

6. “They snuggle in the afternoon.”

7. “My 2 hot dogs”

8. “Ready for a car ride and a walk!”

9. Oreo with some caramel on top.

10. “I rescued a stray cat in my neighborhood. At night, his brother would come to visit him. I really had no other options.”

11. “They like to share a salad together.”

12. “These are my boys, Mig and Beans. They’ll turn 10 next year and have been with me since I adopted them together as kittens. They adore each other. True bros!”

13. “Found these 2 in my room while cleaning.”

“Dobby (on the left) is 10 years old and he is a grumpy old man who is afraid of thunderstorms. Nova (on the right) is 15 weeks old. She loves him more than anything. He usually doesn’t like being with her for too long, but it warmed my heart to find them like this even when the rain wasn’t that bad.”

14. “They’re entwined like spaghetti.”

15. “These 2 skipped ‘bonded’ and went straight to ‘fused.’”

16. “My dog (underneath) just loves to be included.”

17. “I love when these 2 cuddle.”

18. “Big bro and little bro”

19. “My dog and her best friend”

What is the funniest pic of your pet that you have on your cell phone? What memory of them will you always cherish?

Preview photo credit JDeebs / reddit


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we recently bought another kitten and our old cat doesn't like him too much... hopefully they will make friends soon...


I have a pic of my angel cat Lennie lookong so angry at me because he didn't want his pic taken. as soon as I lifted my phone up 1 night, he turned away right away and he only looked at me to shut me up


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