15+ Pets Who Tried to Hide in Plain Sight but Failed Hilariously

2 years ago

“If I can’t see them, they can’t see me.” It looks like this is the motto of many cats and dogs who think they’re masters of hiding, but somehow we can figure out their whereabouts in the blink of an eye. If you ever see half of your dog’s body sticking out from under the sofa, or your cat’s eyes staring at you from the laundry basket, chances are your pet has started a game of hide and seek, and you’d better pretend they’re winning.

We at Bright Side found 17 cats and dogs who tried their best to hide from humans, but things went hilariously wrong.

1. “Whenever she steals something that she’s not supposed to have, Penny will ’hide’ under our ottoman.”

2. “Nobody can see me!”

3. Just don’t open the curtain, human, don’t open the curtain...

4. I’m just another throw pillow, nothing to see here.

5. “Hide and seek level: −50”

6. “I found the perfect hiding spot! They can’t see me, right?”

7. “My cat is afraid of everything and this is how he hides when guests visit.”

8. If you want to hide, but you’ve got nothing to cover yourself with, your own leg will do.

9. “He hides and sleeps like that when he’s cold.”

10. Has anybody seen the dog?

11. “She hides...”

12. This doggo needs to master their art of disguise.

13. A curtain in a matching color would probably hide this kitty better...

14. “She doesn’t know how to hide herself!”

15. They won’t wash me with the laundry, will they?

16. I covered my head, this should be enough.

17. “She thinks she’s hiding so she can sneak attack her sister.”

Are your pets good at hide and seek? Show us the pictures of your hiding ninjas in the comments!

Preview photo credit Fatcatdaisy/Reddit


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