15+ Photographers Whose Timing Skills Are on Fire

3 years ago

Most of the time taking a truly good photo has everything to do with skill and knowledge, but sometimes all it takes is some luck and the right timing. With those 2 things, everyone can turn into a great photographer and their pictures — into masterpieces. Masterpieces like a lizard that looks like the Nike sign or shooting Air Force jets out of your hand like Spiderman, are just a couple of the impressive pictures we have for you.

Bright Side would like to show you 18 truly one-of-a-kind pictures — the people who took these might not be able to repeat them ever again.

1. “My friend snapped this neat campfire photo.”

2. Spiderman is jealous.

3. “This ice cream is mine now!”

4. This bee did a perfect photobomb.

5. Just do it!

6. I caught a pic of lightning bouncing off a double rainbow.

7. “Snapped a lucky shot of a truck trying to steal the sun.”

8. She is trying her mom’s clothes on.

9. Someone’s mom is going to be very, very angry.

10. When you want to take a cool pic of your skydive, but instead watch your keys fall out of your pocket:

11. “One of the kayakers on my recent trip to Antarctica caught a penguin jumping out of the water.”

12. A sunset picture with a bit of flair

13. So this is where rainbows end.

14. “Took a picture of my fire pit last night and caught Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.”

15. “I took a perfectly timed photo of my brother shooting a basketball. It blocked out the sun to make it look like a solar eclipse.”

16. “Moments before a lizard leapt in my hair...”

17. Huge leap for the little guy

18. Missed the ice-cream by just an inch

Have you ever taken a perfectly-timed photo? Please, share them with us, because they never stop amusing us!

Preview photo credit origamifunction / reddit


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