15 Photos of Reunions That Strike a Chord in Our Hearts

4 years ago

According to the results of a study conducted in the US, nearly 14% of dogs and 15% of cats get lost. Luckily, almost 93% of dogs and 75% of cats are found sooner or later. The reunion with your beloved friend is a highly emotional moment and anyone who sees it won’t be able to hold back their tears.

We at Bright Side collected some photos of people and animals who finally found each other and we want to share them with you.

1. A stolen dog was found 900 miles from home and reunited with his owner.

In March 2018, Dara Prak could not find his pit bull anywhere. He suspected that the dog was stolen, as his collar had been left behind. Imagine his happiness when 3 months later, he got a call from a shelter 900 miles away from his home, telling him that his dog had been found. After a 16-hour-long trip, the dog was finally reunited with his owner.

Look how happy the dog is that he is finally home with his owner!

2. A lost dog reunited with its family after 5 months.

Sassy the dog went missing and the devastated family could not find any trace of her. After 5 months and covering a distance of over 200 miles, the dog was found by a police officer and, thanks to her microchip, was brought back home to her owners.

3. “My puppy was just reunited with her brother.”

These 2 littermates were apart for 6 months but they immediately recognized each other. They are now in the same training class and will see each other at least once a week.

4. A cat missing for 10 years was found after the California fires.

This cat, named Pilot, was missing for 10 years. One day, he did not come back home but his family never gave up and never lost hope. The cat was found after the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa 10 years after his disappearance. His microchip was scanned and his former owner received a phone call.

Although the cat suffered severe burns, he was excited to be reunited with his family and he’s getting better and better every day.

5. Missing dog returns almost 7 years later.

This dog, Mia, was supposedly stolen from her owner and was missing for almost 7 years. Her microchip was scanned when her “owners” brought her to the vet. This is when her first owner received a phone call. The organization “Lost in the West” helped the man locate Mia’s original owners and bring her home.

Although some details of the story remain unclear, Mia seems to be very happy to come back home.

6. The owner finds her cat alive 16 days after a tornado demolishes her house.

tornado demolished Terria’s home and killed one of her cats. However, her other cat (who was 13 years old) was still missing. It is hard to imagine her excitement when she found her cat alive in the debris after 16 days of searching. The cat, Laverne, was hungry and dehydrated. But after her visit to the vet, she was doing much better.

7. A cat falls asleep in his owner’s arms after meeting him from work.

8. A dog is excited to see its owner after 2 years of being apart.

When the owner of Lennon the dog had to move due to family issues, he found new loving hands for his beloved pet. After 2 years, the owner came back and went to visit Lennon who recognized him, came up to him, and even “gave him a hug.”

9. “My brother’s dog hasn’t seen him for a year.”

10. A service dog reunited with its handler and back on the job.

11. A girl finds her missing cat in a local animal shelter.

This girl thought her cat was missing forever but they were reunited after one year through a chance encounter at an animal shelter. She was happy to pay an adoption fee to get her beloved pet back.

12. The dog is reunited with its owner after the Tennessee wildfires.

Many pets go missing during natural disasters all over the world. Luckily, thanks to organizations like Sevier County Humane Society, at least some of them get reunited with their owners.

13. The owner found her cat after it escaped during the moving process.

Tris was brought to a shelter by some passer-by who found her on the street. Several days later, the shelter got a phone call from a lady who was calling all the shelters in the area in the hopes of finding her missing cat. Although she was not sure from the description that Tris was indeed her missing cat, she decided to come and check and she never regretted it. It turned out that the cat’s original name was Unique.

14. A cat reunites with its owner after being missing for 7 years.

Julie, the owner of Garfield, was very sad when her cat went missing. We can only imagine her excitement when she received a call from an animal shelter 7 years later. The shelter manager says that the cat was extremely grumpy and unhappy during his time there but he immediately transformed into a loving cat when he saw his owner and started licking her face.

15. The family who fled Syria had to leave their dog behind but was reunited with him after almost a year.

This is how Fox looked after he settled into his new home:

Have you ever lost your pet? Share your emotions, opinions, and heartwarming stories in the comments section below!


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