15+ Photos Showing the Struggles Every Modern Girl Faces

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4 years ago

Getting your nails done, hair curled or straightened, makeup applied, and high heels on... Sometimes being a girl is really tough. And although it might seem to men that what we do is easy, there are actually lots of things that are so annoying, they can make us lose our temper.

The female part of Bright Side also encounters the most common girl problems from time to time, so we’ve decided to share 16 of them with you.

16. When your nails are too long:

15. You never know where you’ll find your hair next time.

14. It seems like the perfect hair bun doesn’t exist.

13. ...or the perfect shoes either.

12. Sometimes, for the sake of beauty, girls have to turn into a monster.

11. Having long hair is definitely beautiful, but not really practical.

10. That feeling when your favorite bra tries to kill you

9. There’s never enough space for all the bottles.

8. You can just feel the pain in this picture.

7. Sometimes it seems that all your beauty products are against you.

6. When you’re running out of hair ties and the ones that are left look like these:

5. The worst nightmare ever

4. Long nails don’t work well anywhere (not just in the bathroom).

3. When you want to be as close to the mirror as possible:

2. When you shave just where the holes are:

1. Every time you go to a makeup store

Which of these problems are the most relatable to you? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments!

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Can they give us girls larger jeans pockets already??‍♀️?....I’ve seen this soo many time...and what is more annoying is that sometimes those pockets are not even REAL!!?!!


Girl, but no one makes you wear such long nails...

I think they look ugly tbh


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