15+ Photos That Are Like a Jewel in the Crown of People’s Albums

2 years ago

There’s a photo that depicts two women who paint their legs to make it look like they are wearing stockings. It is considered to be one of the most epic and bizarre shots ever taken. The heroes of our article today can also boast with photos that could make a little history, only in their own families. These pics can for sure serve as a good reminder that the best things happen not only in movies, but in real life.

Here at Bright Side, we want you to feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster of emotions. These 19 pics may make you laugh, cry, and sometimes even facepalm. But all of them can definitely be the cherry on top of the pie in people’s photo archives.

1. “My friend’s grandad made a little wooden shelf so his cat could sit by the range with him.”

2. “Made an apron and a stove for my niece”

3. “This is Monday night when my husband has been gone all weekend.”

4. “I think I can skip the maternity test. Me on the right, my daughter on the left.”

5. “2018 vs 2020 maternity shoot”

6. “Made a memorial seat for my late cat”

7. “My dad made this squirrel a pancake.”

8. “My dad was on holiday in Greece and made this box for a homeless cat.”

9. “Made a cake of my dad”

10. “I made my own transforming wedding dress!”

11. “My mom made a leather jacket from spectacle cases, back in 1986.”

12. “This just made my day.”

13. “My brother made a pirate hook for my partially amputated finger.”

14. “My mom missed a group photo, so she offered to Photoshop herself in.”

15. “Complained about having to leave the house in the snow. This guy made my complaint irrelevant.”

16. “My daughter doesn’t like her homemade costume she made and she won’t wear it. I love it.”

17. “My husband made us Tupac and Biggie for breakfast.”

18. “My dad was denied entry to a club because he was wearing shorts so my mom gave him her pants.”

19. “Who wore it better: Miley Cyrus, or my grandma in 1970?”

What is the photo in your family archive that you are especially proud of? What was the last time you captured a cool moment of your life on your phone?


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