15 Photos That Are So Confusing They Make Calculus Seem Easier to Figure Out

10 months ago

Internet users seem to love confusing photos, and so do we. It’s so nice to disconnect for a while and let your brain run wild.

One minute you see a bird, then it suddenly becomes a cat. Magic? Nope, and it’s not even Photoshop. Just a well-timed photo that got you thinking. These 15 people know how to take good photos.

1. Horse lady

2. “Dog’s chin makes a human look like a sad pug.”

3. “This cat is shaped like a bird.”

4. “Headless sleeper”

5. “I have to admit it took me a while.”

6. “A picture of friends prior to a Vegas wedding.”

7. “This diaper bag”

8. “My little peanut friend”

9. “Accidental walking dino pancake”

10. “That’s a weird looking Xmas turkey.”

11. “My son in his Christmas pajamas on a blanket”

12. “This is what it looks like standing directly under an Aurora.”

13. “This hidden structure outside the Louvre”

14. “Food on a plate”

15. “Perfect woman doesn’t exis-.”

Which one got you thinking the most? What was the most confusing photo you had ever seen?


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