15 Photos That Can Boost Your Mood Better Than Serotonin Pills

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A kitty’s tiny toe beans, a baby snuggling with its giant woofer, and siblings reuniting after many years to recreate a special memory — these are just some of the most precious things in the world. Looking at photos of things of this nature can bring a smile to anyone’s face and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve compiled a list of such photos to give you your daily dose of positivity.

1. “We got a new puppy yesterday. I asked my 4-year-old to put him to bed. This is what I came back to.”

2. “My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house and the turtles love it!”

3. My baby and puppy cuddling together

4. “I found a monarch caterpillar in my garden, so I built it a home. Yesterday, I got to release it as a butterfly!”

5. “Got busted for violating the ’no pets’ clause in my lease. Now my sweet old landlord brings treats for him every day.”

6. “They follow him everywhere.”

7. “My cat’s smaller toe beans are inverted.”

8. “Say hello to the kitten I found in the engine of someone’s car. They didn’t want her so I took her home.”

9. “My baby girl turns 1 today. The progression of her wee patch of hair is adorable.”

10. “Mr. Bigglesworth likes to put his paw on my head when I’m preparing things in the kitchen.”

11. “My son holding my baby pic from 1995”

12. “My little sister and I finally got a dog after 18 years. Meet Lori.”

13. “Today I took my 74-year-old best friend and her miniature Shetland pony to their first show and they got first place!”

14. “My friend got her old cat a kitten! They really love each other.”

15. “My baby brother graduated today. Here’s our attempt at recreating a moment from 8 years ago.”

Which of the above photos did you like the most? Is there a photo you took of a special person or moment that you love the most? Share it with us in the comments below!

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