15 Photos That Prove Being a Parent Takes an Unbelievable Amount of Patience

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3 years ago

Only 10% of parents get to sleep over 7 hours a night, according to a survey and if you’re a parent, you already know the struggle. In addition to a lack of sleep and doing the most basic things like feeding or bathing your child, parenting also involves answering your kids’ baseless questions, laughing it off when they accidentally roast you, and being prepared for disasters every few minutes.

Bright Side understands that being a parent requires nerves of steel and patience like no other. Here are some photos to sum it all up.

1. “When my wife talks about having another baby, I like to remind her how painful breastfeeding was... works every time.”

2. How this little guy likes to watch YouTube

3. Got the mail and turned around to find him at the door.

4. “My son found a piece of brick outside, put it in a Ziplock bag for safekeeping, and brought it inside.”

5. Not sure who is at fault, my kids for not shutting the door, or me for not making sure it got shut.

6. This little one is trying to make “Fanta” at home with carrots.

7. My kid got her fingers stuck in a bench at school. Yes, she is alright. Yes, we kept the bench seat.

8. “My son just asked me why this lady is reading Poop magazine.”

9. “Took my son skiing for the first time... Went well I think.”

10. He eats dinner in front of a picture of himself every night.

11. My wife looked so thin after delivery that it looked like I was the one who had the baby. So we decided to take a funny photo.

12. “My son after being told he couldn’t taste the dishwasher detergent”

13. “The last of my childless friends from college had their first baby recently.”

14. My toddler wanted us to rent “the kitty movie.”

15. Help! There’s something wrong with my son. This is him eating a banana.

What is the strangest thing your kid has ever done?


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