15 Photos That Prove Kids Are Meant to Fight Boredom in Our Lives

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2 years ago

On average, children laugh 300 times a day, while adults laugh less than 20 times a day. To make it even more shocking, adults laugh 20 times because of their kids. Maybe this is just an urban myth but we still feel that without children, there are not as many laughs, giggles, and fun.

We at Bright Side encountered numerous delightful pictures of kids that can prove they are entertainers more than anything else.

1. “I’m currently babysitting, I walked in on my niece doing this.”

2. “A letter from my daughter”

3. “4-year-old unlocked the door to my office with a penny and let my 2-year-old in to create this $4,000 masterpiece.”

4. “Turkey recipes according to pre-K students”

5. “Little kids are the best.”

6. “My niece just made everyone friends and said ‘No Fighting’ and I can’t stop laughing.”

7. “My kid gave my wife a card for her birthday this morning.”

8. “My daughters, horsemaning”

9. “Brand new TV vs A toy”

10. “Never give up on your dreams.”

11. “Hide ‘n seek.”

12. “My little sister’s homework assignment. At least she’s honest.”

13. “My son’s sad attempt at getting me to love him.”

14. “My son forged my signature on his homework.”

15. “This is where my almost 2-year-old chose to hide after I told him it was time to go.”

What was your most dramatic childhood memory that still makes you laugh out loud?

Preview photo credit AbsolutValu / Reddit


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